Aliens Motion Tracker 1.0.2 for iOS Now Live!

You can now upgrade Aliens Motion Tracker iOS to 1.0.2!

What’s New in this Version:

  • Updated distance meter reading to give an actual value of the nearest alien
  • Variable pitch audio based on alien distance (higher pitch the closer they are)
  • Cleaner audio for the sound effects
  • New gyroscope code for smoother experience at different angles
  • Improved alien pulse animation to hide them instead of black
  • Speed of overall pulse put up a notch to match closer to original

These features are already available for Android users.



    • Hi Craig, thank you for you opinions.

      The recent sound changes came about after several users complained that the original audio had interference. After listening to the audio again, I could hear the interference they mentioned and looked for a new source.

      The audio that you hear is from original source material taken from the latest pieces of media for Aliens: Colonial Marines and is suppose to be from the original sound in the movies. Please see for example.

      As for the new pulse speed, I decided to look at the scenes in Aliens again and I carefully matched the timing with all the examples I had from the movie. Please for the example I used to research this.

      With that said, if more people mention these as problems and are unhappy about the above changes, I am more than happy to give them some adjusting.


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