Dungeon Nightmares Reviews on AppStore

The reviews on the US and UK AppStores have been great!

It’s awesome ★★★★★
This is an actual scary game on the App Store

love it ★★★★★
Very freaky and great graphics

This is ridiculous ★★★★★
Such a scary game!!! I scream so bad and turned it off!!!!

Finally! ★★★★★
A game that can freak me out, thought I was desensitized to fear in games and movies. This game if played in the dark with headphones will freak out anyone! So far night 4 is my record, replay value is high with this one, if you want a good scare get this, it’s the only scary game I’ve found on the App Store!

This is SO Scary!!! ★★★★★
OMG! This is so scary. I don’t think I have ever played a game this scary before. I am so scared to walk into the room now. If you like scary games, this is one of the best.

This is awesome ★★★★★
This is really quite scary for a Appstore game. Well done

The sound is very good ★★★★★
Excellent. Good graphics, excellent atmosphere. Fluid gameplay. One of the best horror games on iPhone

Great work!! a nice horror game! ★★★★★
I really love how the monsters can break down the doors. How about flashlight instead of candles? I think it is more scary 😀 but overall good work!!!!!

One of the better Horror games on App Store ★★★★★
Very very good and the game is really creepy! Please add sensitivity options to the menu please!

Scary ★★★★★
Played on a crowded train into work. Nearly pooped myself. Well played, sir, well played…

Keep them coming! 😀


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