PRESS RELEASE: Dungeon Nightmares to bring horror to everyone on Valentine’s Day

PRESS RELEASE 14/02/2014



Dungeon Nightmares Free has just been released on to the AppStore for fans of horror games.

The dungeon includes an EXCLUSIVE level made just for this version that allows players hours of gameplay not available in the full version of Dungeon Nightmares.

This free nightmare still contains all the scares and dreading fear that has made Dungeon Nightmares the leading horror game on mobile platforms to date in the US, UK, China, Russia, South Korea, Finland, Indonesia and many more.

Previously, the soft launch of Dungeon Nightmares received the Game of the Week @ Touch Arcade generating massive buzz for the horror gaming community.



Dungeon Nightmares is the first game ever by K Monkey and is a first person horror game dungeon crawler. It will play with your fear of darkness and use spatial 3D audio to make the atmosphere feel very uncomfortable for the player.

The aim of the game is to escape your nightmares that you find yourself in each night you go to sleep. Each night will reveal more the deeper the player gets but at the same time, the dungeon will grow in evil with you. You will have a trusty map to use and will have to find candles scattered around the level to aid your escape.



Launch Trailer


AppStore link:



148Apps review: 4/5

“Dungeon Nightmares is truly one of the most immersive and scariest experiences on iOS for some time.” review: 4/5

Best horror game on the appstore: 5/5

“There aren’t many good horror titles out there, and I think Slender’s day has passed.”

Finally!: 5/5

“A game that can freak me out, thought I was desensitized to fear in games and movies. This game if played in the dark with headphones will freak out anyone!”

Horror on iOS perfected: 5/5

“Currently the only game on iOS that has been even the slightest scary. Definitely one to get for fans of Amnesia.”

Scary: 5/5

“Played on a crowded train into work. Nearly pooped myself. Well played, sir, well played…”


K Monkey


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