An Update for Aliens Motion Tracker

Firstly, thank you to everyone that has downloaded Aliens Motion Tracker! We hope you are enjoying the little toy.

We have just release 1.0.3 on Google Play for Android devices which contains a few small fixes including the following:

  • Updated pulse timings to match the original
  • Updated alien dot graphics to vary in size slightly upon placement
  • Fixed bug which had aliens drifting away from the player – now they will always come towards the player
  • Optimized performance

The apple update for iOS devices is still in review but also contains the fixes listed above.

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Aliens Motion Tracker 1.0.2 for iOS Now Live!

You can now upgrade Aliens Motion Tracker iOS to 1.0.2!

What’s New in this Version:

  • Updated distance meter reading to give an actual value of the nearest alien
  • Variable pitch audio based on alien distance (higher pitch the closer they are)
  • Cleaner audio for the sound effects
  • New gyroscope code for smoother experience at different angles
  • Improved alien pulse animation to hide them instead of black
  • Speed of overall pulse put up a notch to match closer to original

These features are already available for Android users.