Motion Clock: London for iOS & Android

Never leave London behind and take it with you everywhere.

Motion Clock: London is a fun way to keep track of time whenever or wherever.

You can spend hours staring at the London skyline, watch cars drive by or listen to the local birds sing their song. If you check every hour, you may even get to hear the famous Big Ben chimes ring!

Perfect for those who live in London but also great for visitors who want to take a bit of London back home.


  • Fully animated London skyline
  • Popular famous landmarks to view
  • Real-time day & night cycle
  • Animated real-time weather system
  • Authentic sound effects from London

Motion Clock: London is fully controlled by the gyroscopes and requires that you have this present in the device you are using

Available on iPhone

Available on iPad

Android app on Google Play



  1. I am in MA, USA and wanted this app so I quickly reference the time, my son is in London to study abroad but instead my local time is reflected in the app. Please advise. I would also like real time not military time if possible. Thank you, katie

    • Hi Katie

      I am sorry to say that the app was designed to see your local time only and made for those who love the London skyline and atmosphere.

      I can only offer you a full refund to you as it will not show the London time only. Please view your purchase history and select report a problem to start the refund process with apple.


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